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A New Beginning?

When COVID-19 is over, what do I want to be the same (as before COVID-19)? What do I want to be different? Your answers will start the planning process for a new beginning, with as many similarities or differences from your pre-COVID-19 life as you have the ability to ...
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Learning from The Pause

During this pause, whatever our situation, we can ask ourselves what is truly important in our life? Over and over again, I hear people say: my family and friends and health. If those are truly our priorities, we can assess our former life in this light. Here is an exercise to ...
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Article - Retirement Success

Retirement can be the most exciting life phase, offering the freedom to do whatever we want. It is our invitation to grow, learn, and experience life in a new way. It can also challenge us in ways we never thought of. The key, of course, is planning. By using the ...
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Set Goals That Work

One way to motivate us to meet our goals is to go deeper. By that I mean, what are the underlying reasons we want to accomplish that goal. I had a coaching client whose goal for many years had been to swim three times each week. It never happened. We started ...
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The One Word Resolution

How many times have you thought about what you wanted to accomplish in the new year, made a list and posted it on your desk, computer, phone or fridge, only to find a month or six weeks later it is not happening. We all know how busy the gym is in January ...
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The Formula of Success

It takes more than being good at a job to achieve success. Have you ever heard (or said), if it wasn't for the people - this would be a great place to work! Yes, people are the source of our greatest satisfaction and our greatest dissatisfaction. Often we ...
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My word of the season is mindfulness. What a wonderful word - to really be there wherever we are or whatever we are doing. I just read an article, in Mindful magazine, where the Police Service in Portland, Oregon are training some of their police officers in ...
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The Power of Focus

The word that has been coming up for me in the past few weeks is 'focus'! When I think of focus, I am reminded of this phrase: 'if you have 25 priorities, you have none'. How many of us are feeling overwhelmed by all that we have to do? How many of us have ...
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