Learning from The Pause

There are many articles out there on how to cope in this most difficult time and how to work from home etc. Let's look at what we might learn during this pause.

Most of what we know and did has been turned upside down in this past month with the arrival of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are doing things we never thought were possible. Could we ever imagine so many businesses, stores, restaurants closed? Could we ever imagine not being able to visit with our families, friends and colleagues - having a coffee together, sitting in a meeting, chatting in the hall? Life has changed into something we could not imagine, yet we are called upon to survive. Might this be an opportunity to question the life we have been living?

So much of our life has been automatic; we do what we do. Many get up at 5:00 am to get a head start on the day, we work hard, we work long hours. We are busy with many activities outside of work - we rush to the gym, to the grocery store, to get the kids to their multiple activities. We look at people sitting in coffee shops and long for a moment to just be. Do we ever stop to ask ourselves WHY we are doing what we do?

For some, right now, work has sped up - particularly those involved in essential services. For many, there is worry about how to pay the rent or mortgage or pay for food. For others, life has slowed down. This may be an opportunity to assess how we have been living. Ask ourselves, what is truly important? What have we been seeking? Is it money, possessions, prestige, power? Do we even know?

During this pause, whatever our situation, we can ask ourselves what is truly important in our life? Over and over again, I hear people say: my family and friends and health. If those are truly our priorities, we can assess our former life in this light. Here is an exercise to help us do this.

Rate your level of satisfaction in each of these areas (1=completely dissatisfied; 10=completely satisfied) and decide where you would like to make some changes.

  • Career
  • Family and Friends
  • Significant Other/Romance
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Health
  • Money
  • Making a Difference; Purpose
  • Personal Growth and/or Spiritual Growth
  • Physical Environment

What opportunities are in front of you today which could significantly impact your tomorrow? Where do you want to focus now and in the future?

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