Retirement Success

Retirement Success

The New Stage of Renewal

The idea of retirement is changing dramatically. We used to think of it as the beginning of the end; now we think of it as a new beginning. The transition to retirement is actually the beginning of a new life stage called renewal. We are now living 30 years longer than we did 90 years ago; we can expect to live up to 30 years in retirement; longer than any other stage of life!

Retirement challenges us and provides opportunities in ways we haven't thought of. Retirement puts us in charge of our own life, we are now completely in the driver's seat, making decisions about financial, social, family, leisure, meaning, educational pursuits, travel and everything else! To be successful, we need to plan.

Review the factors for a successful retirement, rate yourself and determine the areas you need to focus on to successfully make the transition.

We offer

  • In-house workshops on Retirement Success.
  • One to two hour presentations on Retirement Success
  • Individual sessions to review the success factors, your focus areas and develop plans to enhance your readiness.
  • Follow-up coaching to assist you in developing and implementing a comprehensive renewal plan.