Executive and Personal Coaching

Executive & Personal Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is designed to inspire a person to achieve their goals and dreams in their personal or professional life. The coach's role is to provide support, challenge and accountability; the fundamental belief being – the coach has the questions, the client has the answers. Coaching will take your life, business or career to the next level of success.

Who uses a coach?

Successful women and men who:

  • Want to make a greater difference as leaders in their organizations, their families, their communities.
  • Want to bring more balance to their life.
  • Value professional and personal development.
  • Could benefit from a thinking partner or sounding board.
  • Are willing to explore and discover new possibilities.
  • Want more – peace, joy, challenge, success etc. – whatever is true for you.

How does it work?

We have an initial discussion to discuss coaching, what you might hope to gain through coaching and determine if you want to proceed.

After reflecting upon and answering some key questions, we meet for a discovery process to identify your aspirations, clarify your goals and create our coaching agreement. We then engage in dialogue focused on what you want to accomplish. We explore what is really important to you and discover new pathways to create the career and life you want.

Various tools and assessments will be used in this initial process and throughout the coaching contract as appropriate for your situation. We meet by telephone or in person with a schedule suited to you.

Executive Coaching

  • Are you a busy executive or senior leader who has taken a lot of management and leadership training, yet wants more than the classroom can offer?
  • Would a sounding board or objective thinking partner be useful to you?

If so, individual coaching is for you.

Coaching uses day-to-day challenges as opportunities for learning; it integrates leadership models and skills along with what you have acquired from the school of experience.

You will create personalized development plans and focus on key actions and behaviours to achieve your goals. Coaching provides the support, challenge and accountability to achieve the results you desire in both your professional and personal life.

Personal / Life Coaching

  • Are you successful, yet want more, want to leave a legacy or make a greater difference?
  • Do you value personal and professional development? Do you want to bring more balance to your life?
  • Are there things you want to do, challenges you want to take on, yet don't seem to get around to it?
  • Are you wondering what's next?

Those are only a few of the reasons people come to coaching. A coach will meet with you to identify your aspirations, clarify your goals and create the coaching agreement. We then engage in dialogue focused on what you want to accomplish. Coaching is a powerful, interactive process focused entirely on you, to create your best life.

Executive & Personal Coaching Testimonials

Through the coaching process and various tools and strategies used, I have moved from being a manager to being a leader. I have a new level of calmness at work and home and am able to distinguish and focus on my true priorities – ones based on my individual values. With less effort, the quality of my work is better and my staff is more successful. I have been able to change things that I have not had the focus to change in the past and am very happy about what coaching has helped me achieve. Working with Heather has made this possible.

Senior Manager, Communications Company

I was able to implement some very positive changes for myself. A key to the success was taking time to do personal reflection rather than always reflecting for the benefit of others. I appreciated Heather's balance of being encouraging and challenging. If you are successful and haven't done something for yourself lately, I would say take on the challenge of being coached.

Executive Director, Non Profit Organization

Coaching has provided a concrete way for me to reflect on my time, my dreams and how they can become a reality and that all of this is under my control! It provided a method of reflection that does not focus on the past and limit setting, but rather accepts what has been as a stepping/springing stone for moving forward. I have a greater awareness of myself, a renewed sense of self-worth and I am using some of the material with my staff.

Senior Manager, Corporation


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