Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Someone said people join organizations, but leave leaders. Ineffective leadership is a key cause of turnover and performance problems.

Effective leaders have a tool kit of models and skills to use for steering their organizations and connecting with their staff - instilling loyalty and dedication resulting in individuals who routinely go the "extra mile".

We will work with you and your organization to identify the needs and develop a process or program to provide you with the tools you need to reach your desired outcomes.

Leadership development program for you and your leaders

After identifying the key needs and skills of your leadership team, we will design and deliver a workshop or series of workshops to meet the needs of your group.

Executive / Leadership Coaching

You may be a leader who has taken a lot of management and leadership training, and want more that the classroom can offer. You are successful, but know there is another level of success for you; or you could use a sounding board or objective thinking partner when dealing with everyday challenges. Coaching uses day to day challenges as opportunities for learning, integrating leadership models and skills along with life experience.

Public Seminars

Our principal, Heather Erhard, offers public seminars for leadership development through numerous organizations in Manitoba, for example the Manitoba Quality Network (QNET).