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Client Feedback

I’ve taken some really good virtual training and some that wasn’t good at all – Heather sets a new bar for any future training that I take in a virtual environment – this was the closest to classroom training that I’ve experienced – well done!

QNET (Manitoba Quality Network), workshop participant
Personality and Effective Leadership

I liked how open and collaborative the participants were! They helped facilitate learning for me too! Because our facilitator was so good, I was able to learn a lot from myself too! She created an environment where we can participate and learn from our own answers and findings.

United Way Winnipeg, workshop participant
Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Effective Leadership

Through the coaching process and various tools and strategies used, I have moved from being a manager to being a leader. I have a new level of calmness at work and home and am able to distinguish and focus on my true priorities – ones based on my individual values. With less effort, the quality of my work is better and my staff is more successful. I have been able to change things that I have not had the focus to change in the past and am very happy about what coaching has helped me achieve. Working with Heather has made this possible.

Senior Manager, Communications Company

I was able to implement some very positive changes for myself. A key to the success was taking time to do personal reflection rather than always reflecting for the benefit of others. I appreciated Heather's balance of being encouraging and challenging. If you are successful and haven't done something for yourself lately, I would say take on the challenge of being coached.

Executive Director, Non Profit Organization

Coaching allowed me to look outside the box to grow, take risks, look at (my) accomplishments, values and put myself first. It gave me support and guidance and challenged me when I needed it. Heather goes beyond the words you are saying and challenges you to stay focused... she has the ability to keep you on track and accountable.

Executive Director, Non profit Organization

Coaching has provided a concrete way for me to reflect on my time, my dreams and how they can become a reality and that all of this is under my control! It provided a method of reflection that does not focus on the past and limit setting, but rather accepts what has been as a stepping/springing stone for moving forward. I have a greater awareness of myself, a renewed sense of self-worth and I am using some of the material with my staff.

Senior Manager, Corporation

Coaching was the most supportive and educational personal development I have ever experienced. Heather puts you at ease immediately and keeps you on track throughout the sessions so you have every opportunity to achieve the goals you set out.

She didn't dwell on what's wrong with me or why I am the way that I am. Instead, she simply taught me about what I can do and what I can control to be a better me. The how's of doing this were so simplistic in idea that success is achievable and so very personally rewarding. Gaining personal insight, especially into areas you're not great at, is hard. Without guidance, most people don't or won't ever see these areas. Coaching has helped me not only see my skill gaps, but learn and grow from them to be a better person in every aspect of my life. The results I've seen are found in better relationships at home with my family and with friends, I am a better member of my peer team at work, and a better leader of my teams and within my organization.

Senior Manager, Crown Corporation

On Behalf or the Leader Issues Breakfast planning team, thank-you very much for your informative, refreshing and down to earth presentation on Emotional Intelligence. You brought good energy to the morning and from the discussion and questions at the end, clearly struck chords with many of the participants. Several people have already called or stopped me in the hall to say they plan to sign up for the course at Corporate Education based on your presentation. We appreciate your time and energy you gave to this. Not everyone can engage the group – you got the fire lit!

Senior Communications Officer, City of Winnipeg

As always, I truly enjoy being part of your facilitation. You are very skilled at it and make the time enjoyable as well as productive... your title should include Strategic Planning guru.

Strategic Planning Participant, Manitoba Child Care Association

This session was very well run and very student oriented... kept class participation high. Heather is an excellent presenter and made learning (adult) fun! Thanks!

In the short time I have put this (Myers Brigg Personality Types) into play ... morale in the unit is great. The people working in the unit, including myself, are happy to show up each day, work together and tackle the investigations ...

Leadership and Transition participant, Winnipeg Police Service

Excellent workshop – very enjoyable, educational and useful.

QNET (Manitoba Quality Network), workshop participant

Thank-you for presenting at the "Leadership and Performance Management" seminar. today. Judging from the evaluations, the attendees greatly enjoyed your session! Some of the best evaluations I have seen this year!

CMA Canada, Manitoba Partner