Building Effective Teams

Team Development

Where is your team?

  • Are you a new team just getting to know each other or the new project?
  • Are you a team experiencing tension and conflict?
  • Are you recovering from a difficult time and feel like you are all "walking on eggs"?
  • Are you a high performing team who wants to maintain your current level of functioning?

Wherever you are, we will work with you, using proven assessment tools and techniques to determine the stage of your team, identify your strengths and challenges and work with you in a practical and fun way to move forward.

Some of the tools we may use

Myers-Briggs Personality Types
Myers Briggs is the world's most widely used personality inventory to help us understand ourselves and others. It is key tool in developing team effectiveness by understanding ourselves and our team members. You will discover your team personality type, your strengths and challenges as a team and develop actions to improve team productivity.

Emotional Intelligence – EQ-i 2.0 Inventory
If Emotional Intelligence is best defined as the ability to manage ourselves and relate to others, Emotional Intelligence in a team is crucial to effective functioning. After completing the EQ-i 2.0 Inventory, you will receive a comprehensive report on your team's Emotional Intelligence, including the key strengths and the key areas for development. You will leave with an understanding of your team dynamics and clear action steps to more effective functioning.

Tuckman Model of Group Development
Forming? Storming? Norming? Performing? Mourning? What stage is your team at? What are the hazards and opportunities? How can you use this model to understand your team, resolve differences and move forward.

Other tools, models and processes will be used depending on the needs of your team and the desired outcomes.


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